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A Guide to Off Beat Goa Travel

January 16, 2020 3:18 PM Anmol Rana

A Guide to Off Beat Goa Travel

Beach shacks and cocohuts have been (mostly) “upgraded” to makeshift plywood and in some places concrete: built supposedly to attract high-rollers; only the high-rollers didn’t really make it. Instead, mass, package-tourism has floated into Goa over recent decades, leaving a high tide of trash behind.

Much of the coastline has fallen to mass tourism: at first from Europe, then from Russia, and now from with India, too. In a way, it’s Goa’s own fault: once known as the land of hedonism, people flocked to get a taste for themselves.

Along with the mass construction came minimal planning: Waste was thrown out of sight and out of mind without proper disposal, sewage ebbed out directly into the sea..

Tourism in Goa has created as many problems as it has opportunities: But is there still a way to travel in Goa without the mass tourism?

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As a destination that is often the first taste of India for holiday-makers and travellers, I had been hesitant to come here on my travels to India, but ultimately we wanted to find out: Is it possible to still enjoy Goa? (Keep reading for the answer 😉 )